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70% of Adult Americans have suffered at least 1 traumatic event in their lifetime (National Counsel on Behavioral Health).

That isn’t even to speak of the smaller traumas, those “seemingly" less impactful, yet they block something inside of us.

We can all relate to that emotion we just can’t feel, that connection we just can’t reach, that reaction we just can’t stop. You can recover and find resiliency to live your most fulfilled life. My talk will start the process of identification, confrontation and recovery from what is holding you back, even if you don’t know what “it” is. The skills in resiliency will allow you to walk (process) through future trauma in a more healthy connected way. You can recover!!

Mountain Range

About Tara

Former Police Sgt with 15 years Law Enforcement experience. A career focused on leaving everyone better than I found them. In about every instance, some form of Trauma underlay each of our challenges, misconnections and addictions.


I have worked over three decades mentoring those with Substance Abuse Issues discover. I have found that recovering from Substance Abuse is but the beginning of uncovering the “underlying issues” that created the addiction.  Identifying, confronting and overcoming those traumas is necessary to create resiliency with addiction and a fulfilled connected life.

BA, Administration of Justice
BA in Psychology
MS Administration of Justice
MA Conflict Resolution
Advanced Graduate Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution

Founder of Samay International

Applying all the above experience and education, coaching and instructing on 5 continents I found that the common denominator in the human condition is trauma.  That finding, confirmed by my personal and professional experiences, culminates in an effective program of Speaking, Coaching and Facilitating a retreat to bring Trauma recovery and resiliency to you.


Tara's Talks

Bringing the Exhale

This is the Brand talk that touches everyone who heard it. This talk Identifies, confronts and offers an opportunity to overcome what has been holding you back, Whether it is the “T” trauma or “t” trauma that you have experienced, or you don’t even know where it came from, this talk can be the beginning of deeper connection with self, others and something greater to create a more fulfilled life.


Cleaning out the Closet Under the Steps

This talk is focused on those in any form of Recovery from Substance Abuse. 12 steps, or recovery of your choice is necessary but there is more to the story. What lies beneath the substance abuse. What made you susceptible to a beverage, a powder, a pill… The cracks in the foundation need to be addressed or the weeds, in their many forms, will again find their way through. Trauma, in some form (“T”, “t”, generational…) are the cracks and to gain a solid foundation in recovery it is necessary to acknowledge, confront and heal that trauma in your life today.


Disengage the Trigger

This talk is focussed on Military and Law Enforcement. The minimum likelihood of substance abuse in these populations is 50%. The divorce stat is even higher.  The post retirement suicide rate is shocking. Untreated Trauma is a leading cause of these devastating facts. Trauma is experiencing anything physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually which is not actually occurring at the moment. This talk will teach you about returning to this moment and fostering hope that you can disengage from the triggering event in order to live the life and nurture the connections you desire.  Disengaging the trauma response from the triggering event.

Beach at Sunset
Tara Mastracchio is a woman who is incredibly empathetic to others, takes action when needed to help, and impacts the lives of others around her. I had the esteemed honor of observing Ms. Mastracchio as a school resource officer in Aurora, Colorado several years ago. She was an excellent bridge between the police force of the “world” and the students in the school. Of course, her primary purpose on campus was for safety considerations and to ensure an orderly environment where learning could be maximized as this is only possible with students and staff feel safe; however, her role went far beyond just being a “police officer.” She spent time playing basketball with students, listening to them when they wanted to celebrate and also when times were tough. She was a trusted advisor for many, and even took action to obtain assistance for students beyond their academic students. She was also a great friend to the staff and an integral part of our team. Her ability to connect to other people, convey care and concern, and help whenever and wherever she could provided a layer of comfort and security to our school that the law and its enforcers alone could never do. As a result, her impact was felt throughout the entire building and the community.

Deanna Carillo
Former Dean of Students, Vice Principal
Horizon Middle School, Cherry Creek Schools


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